2015 Leads The List of Hottest Years

2015 Leads The List of Hottest Years

Not so long ago, the climate data for 2015 was published, and people could see the results, which, unfortunately, left much to be desired. Last year’s average temperature exceeded the 2014 mark by enormous 0.13 degrees Celsius (0.23 ºF). To have an idea of by how much the new record surpasses the old ones, you need to go back in climate history to 1998 and then compare the climate change data.

On the basis of their analysis, the scientists from NASA’s New York Goddard Inst. For Space Studies (GISS) predict that starting from 2015, the world will be facing the warming that is to go on for decades, centuries, and even millenniums. Previously, there was an independent analysis in which the NOAA scientists confirmed that 2015 was the year with the highest temperature. However, the measurement errors are always present because of the change of locations of the weather stations, that is why GISTEMP index’s individual value has a certain share of uncertainty too. NASA takes this fact into account and notifies that 2015 is defined as the warmest year in history with a certainty of 94 percent.

Charles Bolden, the NASA Administrator says our generation has to deal with one more challenge—climate changes, and every day NASA conducts extremely important work that has influence on every inhabitant of the Earth. The aim of NASA’s announcements is to make people see how critical the situation is. The organization hopes that policy makers will finally stand up and start acting because there is no time to be lost.

Comparing to the temperature of the planet’s surface in the 19th century, today’s temperature is about 1 degree Celsius (1.8 ºF) higher. The reason for this is that the amount of carbon dioxide and human-made emissions in the atmosphere has increased very much.

Conservationists are desperately seeking to downplay the climate change  by spreading their own supposedly science-based conclusions and predictions about the average temperature.


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