4 Greatest Physics Experiments from Mythbusters

4 Greatest Physics Experiments from Mythbusters

Yes, the era of the crazy and fearless Mythbusters is coming to an end. Yes, it was probably the coolest science show ever. Three months ago, the Discovery Channel announced their decision to cancel the longest-running series that had had 14 seasons, 267 episodes, and 2950 scientific experiments in nearly twelve long years. The final season of Mythbusters started on Jan. 9, 2016 on Discovery. Science Channel announced it was going to air every previous episode of the series in a marathon beginning Dec. 23. So now, we have to find another reliable source that will declare our myths to be busted, plausible, or confirmed.

Thanks to Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, we were able to find out whether elephants were actually scared mice or whether Anakin Skywalker had a chance of surviving a fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Of course, sometimes, the episodes showed us some classic examples like those from our physics book, but there were also a lot of experiments with surprising results that no one even expected. The most intriguing part of the show is that neither Adam nor Jamie are scientists, but they do science and show that everyone can do science as well. Actually, the only thing they have that we do not are resources: not everyone can afford to burn their car to find out whether it can race like JATO Rocket Car. Not everyone even has a car, but everybody can watch Mythbusters and become a little bit smarter. Let us take a look at five coolest examples from the previous seasons.


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