5 Ways You Can Feel the Moon’s Impact

5 Ways You Can Feel the Moon’s Impact

Each month we experience the full moon influence. There are plenty of jokes about how the moon influences everything including birth rates and road accidents. You can ask any hospital worker or policeman, and they will confirm that during a full moon strange things happen the most frequently.

Many people wonder whether scientists have already studied the magic power of the moon. Does our behavior really depend on the moon’s phase? In this article, we have reviewed several studies to find the scientists’ results and opinions on this topic.

According to Jean-Luc Margot, an astronomer at UCLA, the moon light undoubtedly has an effect on people’s emotions, but that is because people tend to feel awe in relation to celestial objects. However, some studies find a connection between cycles of the moon and people’s health conditions—but not for the reasons you may think. Are you intrigued? Keep on reading and you will find out how the mysterious moon can put its spells on you.


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