Apple, please kill the 16GB Iphone

Apple, please kill the 16GB Iphone

Despite the fact that the most smartphone makers offer an entry-level device at 32GB, Apple basic model still has only 16GB capacity.

In just a few days, on September 9, Apple is introducing new iPhones 6S and 6S plus. The closer the release is, the more the rumors spread. Among changes we should expect a faster processor and a better camera. But what about the storage capacity of the entry-level devices?

Now Apple offers iPhone 6 with 16, 64 and 126GB. According to the recent company’s announcement, Apple hasdoubled the allowsize of apps, so now IOS takes up about 4GB instead of 2GB. It means that the entry-level iPhone 16GB has less free memory for downloading videos, pictures, and music you like. The question is, will Apple refuse this seemingly stingy strategy to keep a 16GB base model iPhone.

The difference between 16GB iPhone and the next-step 64GB model is $100, and $200 if you choose the 128GB one. Curiously, the more Apple kills off its iPhone 16GB viability, the more profit the company gets. The trick is that advertising the 16GB as a lowest price unit (currently $649 SIM free), Apple pushes consumers to the more capacious 64GB model, which has a higher selling price. While you pay a hundred dollars for having more memory in your iPhone, it costs Apple about twenty dollars more. That is why Apple does not want you to buy the 16GB device.

Surely, there are a few reasons why some people continue to buy low-capacity cell phones. The first is its price. Another argument is that cloud services like AppleMusic and iCloud are more usable and cheaper than local storage. But it seems even more cynical, because the storage beyond 5GB is not free.

With its small storage capacity, the 16GB model is somewhat uncomfortable and ridiculous in our fast-paced world of technology, but it is still available on the marketplace. However, every next day pushes Apple to a 32Gb iPhone as a basic model, which the most people would be mainly happy with.

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