Artificial Intelligence is not a Threat

Artificial Intelligence is not a Threat

AI is not Myth; We Already Have It

Cognitive Big Data Systems is a new technology startup, founded by Stephen Thaler, Lloyd Reshard, and Vercell Vance in 2014. The company specializes in cognitive computing and the Internet of Things. Company’s most recent patent is for the artificial intelligence software, created by Dr. Thaler.

Dig Data’s CEO Lloyd Reshard has recently announced that the main goal of the company to implement their software in video surveillance. Artificial intelligence software has great potential in this sphere—it will be able to identify people by voice or appearance and sound an alarm when a stranger comes in.

In future, this kind of software can be used not only for video analytics but in robots or agricultural drones as well.

Though the notion of robots with artificial intelligence sounds like a futuristic thing from science fiction, we already use rudimentary machine intelligence in many modern technologies. In fact, it influences our lives greatly and is expected to become an inherent part of our future.

In this article, we have gathered the examples of artificial intelligence that you use almost every day. The most obvious are computers and smartphones, but there are a lot of other programs that you do not even suspect of being “intelligent.”


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