Best Cooking Phone Apps That Will Save Your Family Dinner

Best Cooking Phone Apps That Will Save Your Family Dinner

Not everyone is born with an ability to cook a culinary masterpiece out of nothing, but everyone prefers to eat something tasty. Cooking at home, especially during the holiday season, is a good way to save money and spend time with relatives or friends. If you have already invited a lot of people to try your incredible meat pie but still have no idea how it is cooked, do not panic. A bunch of great cooking phone apps are here to make your family dinner perfect.

In order to make a great meal, you have to find a great recipe. For this you can use cooking phone apps, such as NYT Cooking and Cook’s Illustrated. Why do you need special apps, when you can simply google it? Well, picking something really good out of thousands of search results and trying it is too risky for a perfect family dinner. These apps contain only tested recipes, so you will have one less thing to worry about if you turn to them for help.

After you have decided on the dish, you will have to buy the ingredients. How to choose fresh seafood and how to store it? Is it the season for mackerel? All these questions can be easily answered with the help of Seafood Watch application, based on information provided by Monterey Bay Aquarium. We also suggest trying a similar application for groceries—Harvest. It will help you find the freshest greens and provide useful advice on how to store them properly.

Another important thing you might have problems with is choosing good alcohol. Vivino is a cooking phone app that will turn the torture of choosing wine into a pleasant process. Take a photo of the bottle you like or the wine card in a restaurant, and Vivino will show you ratings, opinions, and places where you can get this wine at the best price. If you are more up to cocktails, you will absolutely love PDT Cocktails. Just type in what kind of alcohol you have, and the app will tell you what you can make with what is on hand. PDT Cocktails is an absolutely great cooking phone app for impressing friends with your bartender skills, even if you do not have any.

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