Best Mobile Apps in Four Most Popular Categories

Best Mobile Apps in Four Most Popular Categories

Mobile phones have already become an essential part of our lives. They help us cook, shop, do sports, and study. We all know how hard it can sometimes be to keep your body fit and healthy. However, with the help of modern technology, this task can become much easier. Calorie Counter is one of the best fitness apps suitable for those who have been doing sports for a long time as well as for beginners. Some other applications you should definitely check out when stuffing your phone with useful fitness things are 7MinuteWorkout (for those who have no time at all), RunKeeper, and DailyBurn.

Let us move on to another category, which becomes especially relevant in the holiday season, and talk a little about the a calorie counter  when it comes to food. Postmates is a must-have for all the restaurant critics, foodies, and other people who love eating (we guess that is everyone). This app allows you to order nearly anything from any restaurant in the city and even track the deliverer on his way. However, it is available only in the major cities. Some other apps connected to food that you might find useful are AllRecipes, OpenTable, NYT Cooking, and Mixology.

Shortly after the holidays, you will need the best applications from our next category—productivity and work. In case there are people who still have not tried Google Now, download it immediately. From the variety of other less famous time optimizers, we recommend installing Clear and 1Password. The names are self-explanatory: Clear is a pretty easy to-do app, and 1Password is intended to help you get rid of dozens of long and unmemorable passwords and minimize the time you spend on typing them in.  

And what else can we possibly need on our phones other than a good photography application? Darkroom and Afterlight are the two perfect photo apps to help you fill your Instagram with the best shots. Here you have dozens of filters, much more than on Instagram, some “pro” photo tools, and custom editing features. So stuff your phone with these apps now, and you will be able to use the whole 100% of what modern technology has to offer.

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