Best Tablets of Premium Class

Best Tablets of Premium Class

There is a huge amount of high-quality tablets nowadays, but the biggest disadvantage they may have is a rather high price. Many people hope for price declines, but unfortunately, they happen only in the cases when devices lose their popularity and attractiveness. In case you do not intend to waste your time, take a look at this article—we will try to describe the best tablets on the market, whose premium prices correspond to the high grade of the product.

The manufacturers of gadgets always make you pay for trendiness, functionality, and quality. They try to implement the fastest possible performance, make sharp screens with rainbow colors, and create comfortable and cool-looking designs. However, you will be attracted in any case. If you have been saving your money under the mattress for a couple of years and want to spend the money on a real thing, then you should get acquainted with these tablets.

For films and serials addicts—Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

There is a lot of confusion around Samsung tablets and smartwatches due to their same name, that is why the producers decided to represent the Galaxy Tab S2 in two sizes: the compact model with the 8-inch diagonal and a more expanded 9.7-inch diagonal. The both models’ design is in step with the time: the thinness competes with the iPad’s, and the screen is incredibly colorful and bright. If you are looking for a gadget that will let you watch your most favorite movies on the go, you will make the right choice with this one.

For artistic and creative typesApple iPad Pro

If you are among those who love making things more than consuming them, then the best model for you could be the latest iPad versioniPadPro with a 13-inch diagonal screen. The tablet is featured with a keyboard and a stylus for comfortable use. On one hand, it looks like a laptop or a notebook with a portable keyboard, but on the other hand, it is an excellent digital canvas for creating masterpieces but not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

For the “moving” writers  Google Pixel C

The great lines for your rhyme or novel come every minute, and you need something more advanced than a simple notebook? The new Google Pixel C with aluminum covering is equipped with the coolest and the most portable design among all the tablets with a keyboard. The greatest advantage of this model is the magnetically attached keyboard. The design of the tablet Pixel C has surpassed all Google’s known models.

For work or studyMicrosoft Surface Pro 4

Try to find out for yourself what is your main purpose of buying a tablet. If you are looking for a substitute of a laptop, then Surface Pro 4 is what you need. It has a huge screen, sleek design, and the Intel processor of the latest model. Microsoft laptop surface is smooth and protected from damages. You may complete the great look of this tablet with a separately sold keyboard that will make your work much easier. Do not fear to spend an extra dollar on this worthy tablet!

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