Best Tech Products of 2015

Best Tech Products of 2015

In the modern world, the biggest catalyst of progress is tech. No one will deny that technology moves at a crazy speed, and the consumer tech world gets larger every day, encompassing not just laptops and new smartphones, but also such novel categories as hoverboards, personal drones, and even the first virtual reality device. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are gradually becoming fashionable wearable devices and an integral part of people’s everyday life. From bitcoin to the “Internet of Things”, we have faced a dizzying array of disruptive consumer tech. Not all radically new gadgets become successful, but every such invention shifts, or at least makes some influence on the world tech market.

Day by day, the current year is coming to an end, so it is the time to summarize and determine the most prominent achievements in the world of technology. Here is a list of five best products of the year, ranked by impact, value, and quality—products worth every cent.


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