• Frightful Five: How Tech Giants Play Survival Games

    Frightful Five: How Tech Giants Play Survival Games0

    When it comes to innovative technology, there is no beating Silicon Valley. There is no doubt that today more than ever, this small place in California is the epicenter of innovation and technological progress and the concentration point of wealth, power, and money. A vast number of services we use in everyday life were created

  • 8 Strangest Apps for Mobile Devices

    8 Strangest Apps for Mobile Devices0

    Thanks to the rising popularity of mobile devices, there is a great number of applications available for downloading at the stores like Google Play and App Store. Developers are doing serious work by creating apps that make our life easier and funnier. However, not all apps are entirely useful, some of them are really strange

  • Five Best Smartphone Car Chargers

    Five Best Smartphone Car Chargers0

    We all like these “top thousand useless things” articles, but this time, I assure you, we are talking about really smart devices. I realized it when, last year, I was traveling along Singapore and right in the middle of the city jungle my phone’s battery went dead, and I could not use my GPS navigator