• Watching the First Series of “Star Wars” Can Turn Out to Be a Bad Idea

    Watching the First Series of “Star Wars” Can Turn Out to Be a Bad Idea0

    1977 witnessed the release of Star Wars: A New Hope, and the space opera immediately became a huge worldwide success. 38 years have passed, and people still remember it and are looking forward to the latest Star Wars to be shown in 2015. You were probably a child or a teenager when you saw the

  • Best Affordable Gadgets 2015

    Best Affordable Gadgets 20150

    This article has two main aims: to sum up everything good that happened in the technological field in 2015 and make a list of the best affordable gadgets 2015 to give you ideas for Christmas presents. In order not to buy something too expensive, useless or tucked with unnecessary functions, check these products out and

  • NASA Creates Tron Style Space Suit

    NASA Creates Tron Style Space Suit1

    Inspired by the futuristic movie Tron: Legacy, the American space research organization NASA developed the next generation Tron-like spacesuit, called the Z-2. Last year, NASA held a public vote on its next three generations of prototypes in its Z-2 spacesuit design challenge, and finally announced their winner. With more than sixty percent of more than

  • All You Should Know About Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    All You Should Know About Android 6.0 Marshmallow0

    The latest version of Android operation system, called Android 6.0 Marshmallow, is probably the most refined mobile platform in the world. It was presented on Sept. 30, and now Nexus’ owners are able to update their devices directly from Google. But it is going to take a bit longer for Marshmallow to reach other Android smartphones,

  • Stop Spying, Mr. President!

    Stop Spying, Mr. President!0

    After Edward Snowden, a former Central Intelligence Agency employee and former government contractor, leaked classified information of the U.S. government and disclosed the country’s huge surveillance program, many Europeans thought that the scandal will make American and European intelligence agencies more transparent and will eventually lead to establishing common rules of the game. But it

  • Problems with Innovative Theranos Private Blood Tests Accuracy

    Problems with Innovative Theranos Private Blood Tests Accuracy0

    Medical testing has always been an unpleasant procedure since it is almost always associated with enduring pain. Have you ever felt sick watching a syringe being filled with your venous blood? The process seems unattractive not only to children but also to many adults. Theranos, one of the leaders in tech-based health segment, claims you