Consolidate Your Apps for Efficient Project Management

Consolidate Your Apps for Efficient Project Management

People are constantly switching between various apps on their gadgets. Most of us have more than one email system, various social network accounts, scheduling and chat software. And all of them have different passwords. Besides, every year systems become more and more complex, and you start wasting a lot of time managing all of them.

It is even worse for big teams that try to run their project where every member has their apps and data to gather, regulate and share. They can waste hours a week on switching between different apps.

So, what is a possible solution to this problem? In this case, consolidation is the best way to save time. For large teams that deal with project management, dealing with 600 apps at a time can cause a serious delay in the work. Many companies even work with several thousands of applications, and not all of them are up-to-date.


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