Contemporary Star Wars: 9 Most Amazing Military Technologies

Contemporary Star Wars: 9 Most Amazing Military Technologies

Regrettable as it is, in the course of human history war has often been the driving force behind the technological progress. While many governments could tolerate their countries being underdeveloped in other areas, politicians always strove to make sure that the armed forces were at the cutting edge of military technology.

In the modern age of rapid technological progress and advancements in science, the military continued to be at the forefront of innovation. Suffice it to say that the Internet—possibly the most important technological advancement of the modern times—grew out of a military network, ARPANET, that was created as a means of communication in case of a nuclear war. Of course, the complete story of the Internet is more complex than that, but the impact of military technologies on our everyday lives could not be underestimated.

While profit-oriented organizations, like corporations, can often be reluctant to invest large sums of money into unproven technologies, defense ministries can ordinarily allocate funds with a greater degree of freedom. The latest military technology, thus, can often give us a hint at what innovations may become commercially viable in the near future.
In this article, we have collected the most amazing developments in military and intelligence technology. Or, rather, these are the most amazing developments in the field that we know of :) Some of the items on our list are not strictly military in nature, but rather devices that are based on the military technology adapted for commercial purposes.


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