Don’t breakup in person – there is an App for that

Don’t breakup in person – there is an App for that

Can’t handle the thought of rejecting someone to his or her face? Luckily technology is the best wing man.

Ghostbot is a new app that detects incoming texts from a person you’re hoping to not communicate with and sends an unenthusiastic automated response on your behalf.

Ghosting is the trend of disappearing from a relationship – common among a generation of online daters.

The texts Ghostbot will send are automated and unenthusiastic – meant to encourage the recipient to ‘get the hint’ that you are not interested.  

Example: If the suitor were to ask for a date, Ghostbot might reply: “Nope.”

“I just have no time right now.”

“Sorry, just me and ?   tonight.” 

The creators say that sometimes simply blocking someone creates awkward social circumstances.

Ghostbot helps you go through the motion of ghosting someone without negative consequences

However, Ghostbot might send the poop emoji or the thumbs down sign when it detects a lewd comment or a “booty call” text.

The creators don’t recommend using Ghostbot for ending long-term relationships.


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