Don’t Feel Limited: New High Quality Affordable Chinese Phones

Don’t Feel Limited: New High Quality Affordable Chinese Phones


Alcatel Fierce XL

One of the Chinese cell phones showed at CES was Alcatel Fierce XL. This relatively inexpensive mobile phone works on the Windows 10 platform. It costs $140, and the quality of its performance is rather good. Fortunately, now there are ever more options between overly expensive luxury phones and cheap low-quality models. Today, there is no big difference between various phone models in terms of camera quality or processor speed. They are rather similar in all types of modern smartphones. The only thing differs a lot is the price. You buy a some kind of basic iPhone for $650 while you can spend only half of that money for a modern Chinese mobile phone.

Yet, until recently, most Chinese brands remained largely unknown to the wider public outside Asia. While the new smartphones were successfully demonstrated at CES, more remains to do to introduce the products globally and let everyone know their names. And Alcatel is the company that is most likely to succeed here. Alcatel is a daughter company of TCL, a China-based TV maker, which has already launched many successful products. After showing their new Fierce XL model to the world, the company is going to introduce their Windows 10 superphone and become a real competitor to Samsung and Apple companies. The Alcatel company is now devoted to Windows OS, which means that there will be a nice alternative to Apple iPhones.

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