Efficiency Increase. Will It Make You Happy?

Efficiency Increase. Will It Make You Happy?

Technology has made our lives easier than they ever were before. Remember those times, when the only way to fill a fridge with food was to get up from the sofa and go to the store? Today we do not need to do that because there are plenty of ways to improve productivity. When I want to buy some food, I just use Amazon Now to deliver everything I need. It will take them just 60 minutes to fulfill my order. If I am in a hurry, I can use Curbside and pick up my order in a designated area without even parking or coming out of my car. All the domestic chores are done by the Handy cleaner while I am working at the office. There is no need for going to the supermarket, cleaning and even cooking – Sprig, EAT24, GrubHub and other food delivery companies are very competent at that.

So What Is the Problem?

So What Is the Problem?

Don’t you know that nothing comes without a price, and all the comfort may have a negative side to it? Our interaction is the price paid. Two or three years ago if I was low on some products, I would have gone to the supermarket. There would be many people there, and, who knows, maybe talking to some strangers or smiling at them would have made my day. Nowadays, when I use special services to increase efficiency at work and at home, I have zero or vanishingly little interpersonal interaction in my life.

I have only recently understood that I have never thought about this kind of social interactions before. But this very small part of our lives turns out to be extremely important. Shopping in the supermarket lets us meet new people and interconnect while all the services we use to ease out lives allow us to interact with only one person, at the very best.

Every day we use more and more apps to make our lives easier, and our live communication becomes less and less frequent. For instance, it is very easy to work from home now. There is a great number of necessary software for this purpose – screen-sharing and time-tracking programs, video conferencing and platforms to work on in a team.

Let’s turn to the statistics. According to the latest data, the percentage of traditional workers who regularly work from home has grown up 103 percent in 10 years, while two thirds of employees work remotely from time to time, which is 50 percent more than in 2008.

Importance of Social Interaction

Importance of Social Interaction

When I get to the office, I usually interact with plenty of people. I can talk to the secretary, people who drink coffee in the kitchen or the ones who sit near me. And that is just the beginning. On average, every morning I greet around seven people just in the first ten minutes at the office.

Let’s compare it to the remote working process. At home, you cannot just say “hello” to someone you barely know or have a small talk “about nothing” with a colleague.

According to the sociologists, our daily interactions with people whom we do not know well have a great impact on our happiness and on the feeling that we are part of a team. So, everything is quite easy: the more interactions we have, the happier we feel. And it works both for extroverts and introverts.

We keep worrying about how to increase efficiency when we should be worrying about how to make our lives happier. According to the research by Elizabeth Dunn and Gillian Sandstrom, those who want to stay happy should remember that socialization is far more important than efficiency. We can make our lives easier and more convenient, but won’t they become dull and grim because of that?

However, the world technologies are constantly developing. The perfect decision here is to combine apps usage with social interactions. Do not want to go to the office? Okay, find a place in your city with a good Wi-Fi signal and get some tasty food while you are at it.

You can also download Treatings and find people with the same professional interests or goals. Just change the focus. Install apps to become more social, and it will make you happier eventually.

Of course, you can use all the apps to make your life easier. But do it from time to time. If you have invited your friends over for dinner and forgot to buy some bread, you can use a delivery service. But if there is nothing urgent, just get to the supermarket by car or on foot. It will definitely make you happier. Convenience is very important nowadays, in the era of tight schedules and constant hurry, but it is certainly not more important than happiness in life.

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