Facebook\’s users don\’t care about its myriad scandals

Facebook\’s users don\’t care about its myriad scandals

Facebook (FB) is mired in yet another major controversy. The social networking giant, and platform for your uncle to rant about how millennials don’t respect their elders, is facing scrutiny from lawmakers after the New York Times reported that data from 50 million Americans was used by a a third party group, Cambridge Analytica, to help target ads favoring Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

At issue is the fact that the overwhelming majority of Facebook users involved didn’t provide permission to have their data harvested by Cambridge Analytica. Instead, the firm paid a consultant for the information who claimed to Facebook that he was using the data for academic purposes.

It’s a serious matter, one that could see CEO Mark Zuckerberg or COO Sheryl Sandberg called before Congress, but the average Facebook user likely couldn’t care less.

Despite its latest controversy, the average user is unlikely to leave Facebook. (image: Reuters/Stephen Lam)

Facebook is a utility

“We’ve reached a point in time where big companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon … we use them like utilities. They are just a fact of life now,” explained industry analyst Omar Akhtar with Altimeter.

Facebook currently has 2.13 billion monthly active users around the globe. 1.4 billion of those are daily active users, which means they log into the account at least once a day to see what’s happening with their friends and family. That’s a massive number of people using the social network.

What’s more, Facebook’s user base continues to grow. It’sdaily active user number increased 2.18% quarter over quarter, according to its fourth quarter 2017 earnings report. But

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