Fantastic Internet of Things: Are We Prepared for Coming Age?

Fantastic Internet of Things: Are We Prepared for Coming Age?

When we talk about “the big thing”, we actually do not think big enough. It is not lack of imagination or education (although, let’s be frank, sometimes it is), but rather just lack of observation. It is a specificity of human thinking: the possibilities of our brain are quite limited. So, it simply cannot seize such an enormous process in which nearly 14 billion machines worldwide gather data, learn, and change based on what they learn. And all this happens just in seconds.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a very, very big thing. And, of course, a complicated one also. The network of physical objects that can wirelessly connect to each other through the embedded tiny sensor inside let people connect and manage the so-called smart living services however they want. For example, your microwave can warm up your dinner before you come home or your “smart” refrigerator can send notifications to your iPhone when it is out of milk and even do weekly grocery shopping online. In short, “smart” gadgets can respond to sensory input and other data without direct human commands. At the same time, in the era of the hyperconnected world, the IoT is not just smart homes and connected appliances. Analysts from the Pew Research Center predict that by 2025 the Internet of Things will flourish in nearly every aspect of human life and thus completely transform them: media, manufacturing, energy and infrastructure management, medical and healthcare system. The benefit from such transformations is supposed to be tremendous, as well as the damage.


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