Five Best Smartphone Car Chargers

Five Best Smartphone Car Chargers

We all like these “top thousand useless things” articles, but this time, I assure you, we are talking about really smart devices. I realized it when, last year, I was traveling along Singapore and right in the middle of the city jungle my phone’s battery went dead, and I could not use my GPS navigator any longer. As if left-side traffic was not cruel enough to me, I felt miserably helpless without my smartphone. At that moment, I decided to buy the best mobile car charger I can find.

Do not think that you will need this device only on your journeys. The smartphone sellers always promise that our smartphone batteries will have a marathon life. But several months later, you cannot make a picture with a flashlight without discharging your device completely. Or it dies just at the moment you need to make an important call. Does this situation sound familiar at all?

Maybe in the future you will charge smartphone batteries using solar panels (though people in Alaska or Scandinavia might not like this improvement), or perhaps they will convert the kinetic energy from user’s movements into electricity. But today’s reality makes us think of how to make the phone serve you all the time. So far, there is only one way—to charge the battery as often as you can. Including in your car. Especially in your car!

Thankfully, there are plenty of different kinds of car chargers for phone, a wide assortment of style, sizes and characteristics. Whether you prefer Android or Apple, it does not really matter; I have found the best car charges there are, so you do not need to read the forums.


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