Frightful Five: How Tech Giants Play Survival Games

Frightful Five: How Tech Giants Play Survival Games

When it comes to innovative technology, there is no beating Silicon Valley. There is no doubt that today more than ever, this small place in California is the epicenter of innovation and technological progress and the concentration point of wealth, power, and money. A vast number of services we use in everyday life were created in the Bay Area, and more than half of the tech “unicorns”—start-up companies worth more than a billion dollars—live there. This sophisticated, complex, and mosaic world functioning under its own laws and rules is capable of producing shock waves that resonate far beyond Silicon Valley.

There are currently five undisputed “kings” of the consumer technology industry, the so-called Big Five: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, which is currently a part of a newborn umbrella conglomerate Alphabet. Each of them thoroughly lords over all that happens in tech. They all live in a tight interrelation though, as well as a tough competition. So, the question is who will lose and who will win in this tech war.

And if you believe that Google will never die, or that Apple will launch new iPhones until the end of the days, remember that not long ago, people considered Cisco Systems, Oracle, Intel, and IBM unbeatable. They are still big but far less influential companies than they once were.


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