GDC 2018: The 5 biggest game industry trends for 2018

GDC 2018: The 5 biggest game industry trends for 2018

It might lack the headline-grabbing software bonanza of a consumer-oriented event like E3, but when it comes to the business of games, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the most important show of the year. 

Now in its 29th year, GDC drills down into the beating heart of video games by appealing to perhaps the most important gamers of all: the ones who make them. GDC 2018, which runs from March 19 through March 23 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, is part expo, part summit and part job-fair. It’s where the future of the games industry is discussed — and often formed.

Here are four of the biggest game industry trends emerging from GDC 2018:

1. AR is the new VR

Despite tons of investor interest and loads of hype from critics, virtual reality has had a tough time getting off the ground. The current headsets remain expensive and unwieldy, and though tech pundits believe that they’ll shrink enough in both size and price in the next few years to become a major technological force, it’s taking longer than many expected.

VR is still important – we see interest in it – though it’s true that the VR hardware has not become as popular as some people hoped, which often happens early in the lifecycles of technologies,” said Simon Carless, EVP of GDC parent company UMB. “I think we’re seeing now a bit of a retrenchment.”

In the meantime, augmented reality has not only delivered a massive hit in “Pokemon Go,” but remains more attractive for developers thanks to its lower cost of entry.

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Niantic is making it easier to log into Pokemon Go, perhaps in an effort to

“I think people are looking forward to AR in particular,” Carless said. &nbsp;“Given that in the longer term we may not use phones – we may actually be using glasses with phone-like information on them – I think that enables AR to be an exciting possibility. A lot of the technology that games is pioneering will be needed to make that ARwork. The space is exciting and there’s cool stuff going on there.”</span>” data-reactid=”58″><span style=”font-weight:400;”>“I think people

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