Google Maps is about to make your commute less maddening

Google Maps is about to make your commute less maddening

Google Maps is about to make your daily commute a lot less annoying. That’s because, according to the folks at Android Police, the big G will soon add mass transit alerts to its Google Maps app.

The update is being slowly rolled out to Maps users, so you might not have it just yet. But when you do get it, the update will provide you with notifications letting you know when your mass transit system of choice is experiencing delays.

That means instead of walking up to the station only to immediately fill the air with a torrent of every swear word in the book (and some you just came up with) when you see that there are delays, you’ll already know your train or bus is running late and be able to plan an alternate route.

While I’m excited about the idea that Maps will soon send me an unending stream of notifications about delays on the New York City subway, I still wish Google would add Apple Maps’ incredibly helpful subway map, which shows you where you can enter an exit a station.

Outside of transit notifications, Maps is also adding a Wi-Fi-only mode, which, when active, will see Maps function via your Wi-Fi connection. If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to use Maps. The idea here is to ensure that you aren’t chewing through your data while searching for directions to the nearest bar from your apartment.

We’ll let you know how to use the new transit alerts feature when we receive the update. Stay tuned.

via: Android Police

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