Hackers are using victims\’ computers to mine cryptocurrencies

Hackers are using victims\’ computers to mine cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and the entire range of cryptocurrencies are among the most popular buzzwords in finance at the moment. And despite falling from their late-2017 highs, many investors are still buying into everything from ripple (XRP-USD) and ethereum (ETH-USD) to litecoin (LTC-USD) and ZCash (ZEC-USD).

Unfortunately, the increase in crypto’s popularity has, predictably, led to a new form of malware designed to get you to unwittingly mine currencies for criminals: cryptojackers. Cryptojackers are pieces of malware that force your computer or smartphone to use their processors to mine cryptocurrencies for the malware’s makers.

And the wave of cryptojacking malware is likely set to rise. The latest victims include a water utility in Europe, millions of Android phones, the Telegram app and others.

Syphoning power from a water utility

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