Japanese Company Creates Cute Egg-Shaped Robotic Companion

Japanese Company Creates Cute Egg-Shaped Robotic Companion

MJI Robotics, a robotics company from Japan, has recently presented a small spherical robotic companion with cute emotive eyes. The MJI acronym stands for “More Joyful Innovation,” and the new robotic buddy, demonstrated at this year’s International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, looks quite joyful indeed.

The thing has a not-too-joyful or, for that matter, imaginative, name—MJI Communication Robot. The robot’s most prominent feature, the eyes, is displayed on a 5-inch screen that can also show time, weather, news, photos, and other information. According to the company’s website, the device can also function as a phone and has an SIM card slot. The device can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

The cute robot possesses face recognition technology and can recognize its owner. While any of these features can be found in most relatively modern smartphones, the MJI Communication Robot provides what some may consider an easier way to access the technology. Most functions can be activated by voice commands, without any manual input.

The communication robot is currently being developed by MJI Robotics in collaboration with DMM, a Japanese joint stock marketing company famous for distribution of adult videos and adult toys. The development process should be complete in the first quarter of the next year, and the device will hit the market soon after.

The company’s website thoroughly lacks any pages in English, so it seems that the new robotic companion is aimed mostly at the Japanese market. A pity, since while the thing does not seem, per se, all that useful, it is certainly a great gift for a person with an appropriate mindset.

We here at TechDailyTimes wonder if it will be possible to set this robot up to act like Portal II personality cores. If so, the device is sure to become a top-seller.

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