Microchip Solves Problems Caused by Traumatic Brain Injury

Microchip Solves Problems Caused by Traumatic Brain Injury

The attitude towards “biohacking” the human body can be controversial, but the future is inevitable, and we are already there. Now the brain-implantable chips described in sci-fi movies and books have actually become real. For the fans of superheroes, androids, and other geek stuff, this may sound like an exciting piece of news, but for everyone else this sounds a little bit threatening. Do not worry! This microchip is meant for benevolent purposes, not total mind control. It will help track the inner body processes and conditions of the patients that had experienced traumatic brain injury or brain surgery.

Once the chip, which is smaller than a rice grain, is inserted inside the human skull, it starts floating around and gathering important information. Then it transmits the information about the tumor, temperature, and intracranial liquid pressure. The chip is made of biodegradable medical silicone. As it floats and takes measurements, it is slowly dissolved by the inner cerebrospinal liquid, until it disappears. Sounds convenient, does it not?

The engineering team from the University of Illinois tested their invention on rats. And the experiment showed this tiny chip could be as useful and effective in gathering important health information as the brain-monitoring technology that exists now for patients with traumatic brain injury. And that is, just to remind you, bulky and heavy equipment that requires direct wired access to the patient’s head. Scientists hope the technology they have developed will offer far less aggressive and dangerous brain-monitoring equipment.  The chip is reported to drastically reduce the number of post-surgery complications, mainly caused by infections.

The scientists also claim the chip can be easily modified to monitor deep tissues of the brain or different organs and the whole body if needed. If you feel disgusted with something mechanical inserted in your body, you had probably better think twice about it. Microchips are already here, and with science development, they will become even more useful, complicated, and wide-spread.

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