Microsoft’s HoloLens: Fill Your Eyes With Holograms

Microsoft’s HoloLens: Fill Your Eyes With Holograms

HoloLens is probably the most exciting hardware of Microsoft in years. The developers fully understand that a device that deals with virtual reality can not be fully explained through words and images. That is why Microsoft opens a permanent exhibition where people can try the new technology themselves.

Earlier, Hololens developer, Microsoft, gave other developers an opportunity to experience the company’s demo version of the device. Now, the place is situated in the company’s huge new flagship store. It is divided into several rooms, designed to represent a workplace, a living space, or a show floor. The users can experience the Project X-Ray game that allows to turn your living room into a battlefield, try 3D-modelling software and more.

The demo version, presented at the Windows 10 event has showed numerous advantages of the technology that are already available. As for now, HoloLens is the most innovative device that brings virtual and augmented reality to the new level. Microsoft’s headset is the best thing to make you feel a part of a sci-fi movie.


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