Most Expensive Computer Mouse Made of White Gold and Diamonds

Most Expensive Computer Mouse Made of White Gold and Diamonds

How do you choose components for your gaming PC? Of course, one would normally read some characteristics, look through reviews, consider the price, the appearance, and the status this device is going to create for you. However, some people probably regard the last criterion as the most important one. How else can you explain the production of computer mice covered with leather, fine gold, or precious stones? Though there are a lot of showy computer components, we would like to turn your attention to the most expensive computer mouse.

The expensiveness of the gadgets in this article is not justified by dozens of useful features, some innovative solutions, or even brand and design. It is simply the materials that make these computer mice cost something over $15,000. And the first kind of luxury mice on our list is a computer mice covered with leather. It may be crocodile leather ($17,258) or python leather ($17,840).

Another popular (and obvious) material is gold. Gold has been used as a decorative material since prehistorical time, and it is not a surprise we have started decorating computer components with it. But sometimes it would be better if the designers put a little more effort in it. The main trend is simply covering the mouse’s corpus with gold, as the designers did with the Gold Metal Sun Mouse ($19,720) and the Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse ($36,895). Due to a different percentage of gold in these mice, the price is different. The last one, for example, contains the most of precious metal and even looks like a bar of fine gold.

And the last type of luxury mice are those decorated with rhinestones and precious stones. In this list, you can find such mice as MJ Blue Sapphire Mouse ($27,940), Luxury VIP Mouse ($34,480), Black Diamond Logitech Mouse ($31,840) and, of course, the Most Expensive Mouse in the World ($26,730). Though it is not the priciest one on this list, this mouse, made of white gold and decorated with diamonds, has earned its title in a fair competition. Besides, the design is custom. If you do not like the standard flower made of diamonds, you can ask the manufacturers to rearrange them into any shape you like (but you will probably need to pay for extra diamonds and the work).

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