Most Expensive Gaming PCs Ever: Pure Power or Waste of Money?

Most Expensive Gaming PCs Ever: Pure Power or Waste of Money?

Not that gamers have no taste or sense of beauty, but when building their gaming PCs, they first choose what is effective, and only then what is beautiful. However, as an exception to the rule, some people stick to making their computers beautiful and spectacular. That is also a good thing to a certain extent, but sometimes things can go too far. So here is a short review of how crazy people can become seeking luxury and potential fame.

And, well, the first item we want to tell you about is actually very efficient. Still, it costs $13,000, so it is pretty suitable for the list. You have probably already guessed that we are talking about the Yoyotech gaming computer. That is pure power, which can handle any 3D game in a 4K resolution, packed in a beautiful frame. Its core chip is 1.5 times more powerful than that of the Xbox One!

Let us move on to another item on the list. It is not a single computer, it is an entire gaming room, worth $30,000. In 2012, a YouTube user under the nickname of maxishine showed his incredible room, making thousands of gamers around the world pretty jealous. Let us notice it was packed with a 10 Tb storage device and three monitors, the main being a 42-inch LG TV-set.

Another device on the list of the most expensive gaming PC is Cruden Hexatech race simulator that costs $191,000. Some people would say it is easier to buy a sports car, and they would be right. But, at least, this incredibly immersive stimulator is safer for your health.

Here we have another gaming room, but this time, its estimated value is no less than $500,000. It was created by a Sonic the Hedgehog fanatic Barry Evans. Though here you will not find some powerful gaming PCs, this room is really expensive, since it is almost a museum of many types of gaming consoles and gaming memorabilia of the past.

And, of course, we simply had to mention this infamous PC—Zeus Jupiter, which is worth $750,000. The computer is not super-powerful, but it is pricey due to its cover made of solid platinum and decorated with diamonds. They had better sell the cover and build a really monstrous gaming PC!

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