New Leica Shooter: Not a 250 Megapixel Camera but Still Quite Cool

New Leica Shooter: Not a 250 Megapixel Camera but Still Quite Cool

If you are somehow connected to photography, you already know that Leica cameras are good. And their lenses are good. And everything they do for photographers is good. Yet, we must admit it is an expensive brand. So you have to be kind of rich to buy a Leica and kind of crazy to put it underwater. That would be a waste of a couple thousand dollars. Besides, Leica’s cameras are not as cool as this 250 megapixel camera, but they are still very decent devices for their prices. Moreover, the company is working really hard to improve their products’ performance.

And this time, Leica designed a cool waterproof camera. So you can epically cannonball into the water while taking pictures of your friends’ shocked faces. As for the characteristics, Leica X-U (Typ 113) is also shock- and dust-resistant. It can be used underwater up to 50 feet deep. The camera is also weather-sealed, which is very convenient for beautiful snow or rain shooting. Of course, you are not going to receive a full-frame sensor camera, but Leica X-U (Typ 113) is pretty good for a subaquatic shooter. It has a 16.5Mp sensor and a non-swappable lens with the fixed length of 23mm. With its impressive f/1.7 maximum aperture low-light and low depth-of-field photos will not be a problem. However, the camera is unable to shoot 4K videos. Its highest characteristics are 1080pp at 30fpc. The sample pictures are good, with a true “Leica look”—sharp lines, vivid colors.

The camera’s design is also remarkable. Have you ever seen an on-board flash inserted right over the lens barrel? Moreover, the body is made of super durable aluminum and covered with thermoplastic rubber. Not that you can throw your camera to make a perfect shot, but this new Leica X-U (Typ 113) looks pretty solid. Also, it is kind of affordable as for a Leica camera, only $3,000 (yes, we know this is not what “affordable” usually means). As technology advances, we get more and more complicated, functional, and simply cool devices. And one day the humanity will be presented with a 250 megapixel camera for underwater shooting!

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