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  • Best Buy now offers Apple Watch

    Best Buy now offers Apple Watch0

    Those who are looking for Apple Watch now can buy them via Best Buy. A new addition to the already wide selection of electronic devices, Apple’s smartwatch are available in retail stores and on the official website. Best Buy is offering Apple Watch Sport, starting at $349, and Apple Watch, with the price starting at

  • Protect your files better with new U2F security keys

    Protect your files better with new U2F security keys0

    Are you still using standard two-factor authentication to keep your online profiles save? Dropbox proposes a better way to steer clear of hackers and data thieves. Universal 2nd Factor or simply U2F is a new means of protecting users from insecure online actions, theft and attacks. Be sure you use the right website This innovation

  • Niantic leaves Google but not for Alphabet

    Niantic leaves Google but not for Alphabet0

    The developer of games Ingress and Field Trip will go solo without joining the new holding company Alphabet which creation was announced earlier. As it is said in a post on the app-maker‘s Google+ page, this project is going to be “an independent company”. “N” not for Niantic Earlier Google announced the formation of the

  • Lenovo gadgets can overwrite MS Windows system files

    Lenovo gadgets can overwrite MS Windows system files0

    Lenovo PCs and laptops with Windows 7 or 8 can automatically install Lenovo software during its booting process. Moreover, this firmware can overwrite the original Windows system files. It means that even if you install a retail copy of OS after reformatting the hard drive, your Lenovo laptop or desktop will download, install and update

  • Google may help to depose .COM from the domain throne

    Google may help to depose .COM from the domain throne0

    Google’s Alphabet will get its new domain from .XYZ. The official website of Alphabet is now based on Some experts think this move can be the first real signal of the end of .com dominance on the world domain market. Short means comfort The greatest problem of Verisign, the company that currently owns the

  • Free calls from Sprint

    Free calls from Sprint0

    Sprint is an American telecommunications company that provides wireless services and is a global Internet carrier that created a new strategy to meet clients’ needs in the field of cheap telecommunication that will make communication with friends and relatives cheaper. On Monday, the company introduced its new Open World plan that includes free calls and


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