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  • Free calls from Sprint

    Free calls from Sprint0

    Sprint is an American telecommunications company that provides wireless services and is a global Internet carrier that created a new strategy to meet clients’ needs in the field of cheap telecommunication that will make communication with friends and relatives cheaper. On Monday, the company introduced its new Open World plan that includes free calls and

  • Turn your TV into an Android-based touchscreen

    Turn your TV into an Android-based touchscreen0

    Do you want to make an Android tablet from your home TV in just a few moves? A new invention of Touchjet, a startup company, can make it possible. The Touchjet WAWE will transform an old plasma screen into a giant Android-based touchscreen. Bigger size gives your better opportunities When it comes to mobile devices,

  • Follow the news you care about with renewed Wildcard app

    Follow the news you care about with renewed Wildcard app0

    In 2014 Wildcard presented a new look on the Internet through its innovative app with the card-based interface. Now this well-known iOS app received an upgrade. Wilcard 2.0 will help you to follow the most important news of the day from all media, blogs, social networks etc. With this new mobile app you can easily

  • Nextbit wants to launch the new premium smartphone

    Nextbit wants to launch the new premium smartphone0

    An app-maker Nextbit is going to reveal a ‘friggin’ awesome’ gadget, according to its CEO Tom Moss. The company is moving from software-making to hardware-providing mobile startup. The new phone will compete with popular HTC and Apple devices. San-Francisco-based startup even hired HTC’s former design head Scott Croyle to work on this project. Imagine a

  • Turn your body Into a mobile pad with iSkin

    Turn your body Into a mobile pad with iSkin0

    A group of scientists from Germany provides a new gadget named iSkin. It is a pressure-sensitive sensor with biocompatible silicone cover. You can wear it on almost any part of your body, from finger to ear. The idea of unusual usage of silicone-covered sensors came up while creating a new, touch-responsive synthetic skin for robots.

  • More ads from Facebook

    More ads from Facebook0

    Facebook is making their own in-feed, auto-play video advertisements, offering other developers to earn with them too. Today the company announced the opening of its best performing advertisement units to publishers who show their advertisements on the network in order to earn money with their applications. Thus, Audience Network publishers using their own ad units


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