Pogue’s Basics: Let Google translate large numbers for you

Pogue’s Basics: Let Google translate large numbers for you

You already know that Google can convert numbers and currency and stats for you, don’t you? Right? It does, right in the search box on the home page.

For example:

  • Inches in 37 centimeters
  • Hectares in an acre
  • 72f in centigrade

But there is so much more math wisdom in that search box and one great thing it will do is convert really large numbers into words for you.

So let’s say you are having an argument with your spouse about federal spending, and you say, “no honey we actually spend per person, (pause) (gasp) (silence) uh…”

Meanwhile, go to Google, and place in the number, let’s say, 3878078775234 in words into the search box and there you go.

Then you’ll see, that number will turn into words so you can read it.

“Three trillion eight hundred seventy-eight billion seventy-eight million seven hundred seventy-five thousand two hundred thirty-four dollars a year. Ha!”

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