Robinhood App Featured on Google and Apple “Best of 2015” Lists

Robinhood App Featured on Google and Apple “Best of 2015” Lists

Both Google and Apple have recently released their annual lists of best applications of the year. These lists mark the competition between two companies and bring it further than simple Android vs. iOS clash.

Strangely enough, there are three applications that appear on both lists. Taking aside the competition between two major mobile platforms, the most noticeable thing is that the developers of these three apps have the double honor of being the best. A place in one list is already a good result for any studio.

Three best apps of 2015, recognized by both companies, are the Robinhood app, Jet, and HBO Now.

One of the best trading apps, Robinhood, was created by former Android engineers, and initially released only for iOS. In only one year of its existence, it helped to transact more than $1 billion. Without a doubt, the absence of commissions brought instant success to the app. Though it does not charge the commissions, Robinhood makes money for its developers. Android users received this application with a new design after a year of waiting. Now all iOS and Android users can download the Robinhood software from online stores for free.

Jet, in its turn, is a shopping platform. It is a simple app that aims for the place of Amazon. Jet provides an accessible interface and the functions of free shipping and return.

The success of the third app was brought by the HBO fans. Now they can pay to watch all programs of the channel without subscribing to it, which would require spending more money.

All three application definitely deserve being on both lists. You can download them from Apple’s App Store or on Google Play.

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