Samsung Aims to Get in Your Fridge

Samsung Aims to Get in Your Fridge

There is no longer a need to write a list of products when you go to the food supermarket. Thanks to the new Samsung invention, you can just look at the photos on your mobile phone that your fridge sent you demonstrating all the food you have at home.

Does it sound unbelievable? Today, it is a reality. Samsung has recently presented its new invention—Family Hub Refrigerator—at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This refrigerator can send you pictures of what it has inside on its shelves, confirming that there is no  meat for dinner.

Family Hub Refrigerator

As you might guess, it is not an ordinary kitchen appliance. Available in black stainless steel, this fridge costs $5,000 and has a lot of features to impress you. The unit is fitted with more bells and whistles than some mobile gadgets. Inside the refrigerator, you will find three hidden cameras installed to take pictures of all the groceries on its shelves.


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