Samsung Galaxy S7 Generates Buzz

Samsung Galaxy S7 Generates Buzz

We are all familiar with the history of the mobile phones generation. It is quite interesting to follow the smartphone evolution. When smartphones came into our lives instead of the usual mobile phones, Nokia lost its leading position. Now there are lots of companies that can offer you different smartphones, but the most popular and well-known are Samsung and Apple. The main difference between these two giants on the market is the range of products. Samsung offers you different types of smartphones: from budget versions to business gadgets, such as Samsung Galaxy S7. Apple can provide you only with VIP-models.

Two huge companies on the market always go side-by-side, so Apple and Samsung try to improve their products as fast as they can. Galaxy S is an outstanding linethat has great characteristics. That is why there is a wide variety of rumors about Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 release is planned for the first decade of 2016. It is unusual for the cycle of their releases, but why not? This field should not be static, so it means that Samsung can launch their device whenever they want.

The second rumor is really pleasant for users. Experts say that price of S7 will be lower than the cost of the S6 model. This interesting fact can make Galaxy S7 more available and competitive.

The main secret of success and fame of Samsung is monitoring of users desires and requirements. There was no removable battery or slot for microSD in Galaxy S6 model. It was designed after the Apple line, but users did not appreciate this modification. The developers realized their mistakes and put a microSD slot and the removable battery into the new Galaxy S7. Moreover, Samsung will improve their new device with the modern technology of the 3D touch screen. This will make the Samsung smartphone more interactive and capable of competing with Apple.

The USB connection will be changed too. The period of Type-C connection has started. Thanks to this improvement you can transfer files and charge your smartphone faster.

Now we will not need a separate camera because the camera in Galaxy S7 will also be changed. The developers added a new technology to increase the quality of low-light photos. It is a big deal for those who prefer taking photos in the evening and at night.

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