Security and Trust: Let’s Question Voluum

Security and Trust: Let’s Question Voluum

We all know by now that the Voluum tracking platform causes a lot of buzz in online marking since 2013. For many affiliates, it became a tracker of choice because of its innovative solutions, simple design, and ease of use. There is no doubt that they provide premium service (both service’s and pricing updates demonstrate it clearly). Obviously, not all affiliates can afford to use the tracker; that is probably the main reason people started turning away from Voluum. Of course, every company has its strategy, and it is up to the user to decide whether the service is worth the money. One thing is for sure; Voluum has changed its focus to large businesses and media buyers with huge volumes of traffic, declaring that this is their tactics to grow the business. Quite realistic, isn’t it?

At this point, we asked ourselves if the pricing is the only reason behind users losing their confidence. Apparently, it is not quite as simple. It turns out that some marketers are unsatisfied with the tracker. Of course, Voluum’s reputation serves as the factor that prevents rumors from being spread. Nevertheless, the rumors are there; the only question is if we can trust them.

We had conducted an investigation on this tracking solution, its background, current development, strategies, and found out that Voluum is creating their large media buying team. Now, let’s analyze this fact with all the critical thinking skills we can muster. They have access to the most profitable offers, traffic sources, and other valuable data from their clients, so why not make it available it to their media buying group to help them to stand out? Do you think that this article is just another piece of Internet junk? Stop and consider the argument before you move on with your day. We are sure that the people who care about discovering the truth will find it compelling.

Take a moment to think! Why would such a big company waste the opportunity to grow its business? Do you know many examples of big corporations who never attempted to keep back their trash away from public? Our private sources informed that there are complaints about data security that are well-kept from the general public. Moreover, a few affiliates who had private offers with CPA networks later revealed that those offers were obtained by a third party. If it is not for the tracker then how would they get this information?

The thing is, when choosing a cloud-based platform, you entrust all your campaigns data to the service provider and assume that it will be secure. It is a matter of reputation. Quite evidently, Voluum enjoys a tremendous amount of goodwill — why would anyone believe otherwise. And it looks like they have been doing an excellent job hiding their questionable practices because they cannot afford to lose face.

One thing is for sure, this market’s leading tracking solution plays a risky game with its clients. As of today, affiliates started questioning the security of the service—there are complaints about spam, hacked accounts and click loss. The last, by the way, can be easily verified. You can personally check it if you get large amounts of traffic. We already did and found out that Voluum steals every 500th click. Imagine the amounts of traffic they transmit through the tracker monthly—do the math.

In conclusion, when it comes to tracking, Voluum has presented itself as a top tracking technology for affiliates. However, they should seriously consider the matter of security as well as the costs because the “greed is the undoing of a dimwit.” Should the company’s reputation continue to suffer from rumors of shady business practices, affiliates may give up on the tracker, and move their campaigns to more reliable alternative services which already tread on Voluum’s heels.

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