Show off your physics skills with this ketchup extraction method

Show off your physics skills with this ketchup extraction method

Not all ketchup comes from Heinz, and not all ketchup comes in tall glass bottles. So how are you supposed to get the ketchup out of other containers — especially when there’s only a bit left at the bottom?

Centrifugal ketchup

Use centrifugal force. Hold the bottle at the bottom. Make sure the lid is secure. Swing your arm in a big circle a couple of times. You’ll discover that (a) the ketchup is forced to the top of the bottle, ready for dispensing, and (b) the other people at the barbecue look at you funny.

Bonus tip

Many a fast-food restaurant or cafeteria offer small, white paper cups, which you’re supposed to fill with ketchup or mustard from the dispensers before heading to your table.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll discover two facts about these cups: They’re folded up accordion-style for added structural strength, and they don’t hold very much.

Those are, in fact, two related features. Because if you tug on the paper cup’s rim, unfolding the pleats, you wind up making the cup bigger, so it holds more.

Anyone at your table who intends to help themselves to your fries will be appreciative.


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