Six Gadgets That Impressed Us in 2015

Six Gadgets That Impressed Us in 2015

This year, we have seen many wonderful and ingenious science inventions, but some of them are especially awesome. They can make your life more enjoyable, safer, easier, more comfortable, and in some cases, even more stylish.

Transparent ‘Safety Trucks’

Samsung decided to launch its new technology in Argentina, where, according to statistics,a car crash that leads to a human death happens almost every hour. The reasons are many: narrow roads, windy weather, a lot of big trucks that block visibility while driving.

Working with an ad agency Leo Burnett, the Korean company came out with a simple and elegant solution to this problem: they invented a system that would capture an image of the road in front of a truck and transmit it on the back side of the trailer.

This invention is especially important for those vehicles who travel a lot on one-lane roads. Wireless cameras on the front of the vehicle capture the road ahead, and the image is transmitted to four screens located on the back side of the vehicle. This way the driver who goes behind the truck can clearly see whether it is safe to overtake. It also works in the night.

The new system is not on the market yet, because the company needs to perform more tests so as to comply to the national safety protocols, but it looks really promising.

Hoverboard Scooter

Well, it does not actually hover, but it looks so cool and so futuristic that you are tempted to expect that the device would float above the road. This two-wheeled motorized vehicle looks like a Segway and a skateboard at the same time. It does not have handlebars, so it is a bit tricky to operate. Instead, the hoverboard has a gadget which makes it so special—a pair of electric gyroscopes that allow a user to balance automatically.

The gyroscopes are installed under the pads. They allow a user to manipulate the scooter by slightly shifting their body weight. Lean a bit forward—and the speed rises, shift slightly backwards—and the device starts to go slower. Maybe, already the next year, we will see young people racing on hoverboard scooters in every town and that will finally make us believe that the future has already come.


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