Smart Gun Makers Waiting for Obama’s Steps

Smart Gun Makers Waiting for Obama’s Steps

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, smart gun producers, including Jonathan Mossberg, carefully listened to President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union speech in front of Congress.

Mossberg, like many other gunmakers, is waiting for possible investments in smart gun technology for which Obama has recently called in his addresses. Mossberg is considered one of the oldest firearms producers in America, and his company, iGun Technology, has spent more than a dozen years on smart gun development.

However, Mossberg has doubts regarding the president’s push toward smart firearms technology. On the one hand, he is very optimistic about the government’s interest in smart technology to increase gun safety. But on the other hand, Mossberg does not really believe any actions will follow Obama’s intentions.

Last year was terrible for gun politics all around the world. Everyone was shocked by numerous terrorist attacks that took place in different parts of the globe from Paris to San Bernardino. Besides, after the police shootings of unknown citizens, massive protests have sprung up in different states of America. As the President underlined in his speech, thousands of Americans are killed annually by private guns through suicides, massive shootings, or by accident.

Obama decided strict measures should be taken in order to stop gun violence across the country. Last week, the President outlined the steps that arenecessary to take for keeping guns out of the wrong hands. He put into effect the new rules of treating people with mental disorders and intensified background checks. Besides, the President authorized the Homeland Security, Defense, and Justice departments to carry out research and find smart tech solutions for gun safety. Obama believes new technology inventions will help find the lost or stolen handguns and prevent accidental shootings.


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