Sony\’s PlayStation Vue just became an even better cable TV killer

Sony\’s PlayStation Vue just became an even better cable TV killer

Sony’s (SNE) PlayStation Vue is one of the best deals in over-the-top cable services, the term used to describe offerings that compete directly with traditional in-home cable TV. It’s got more than 100 channels, a nearly limitless DVR and the ability to watch TV on up to five devices in the home. And now the company is looking to make its offering more appealing by allowing for mobile sign up, access to regional sports networks and local broadcast channels outside of the home.

Despite its name, Sony’s PlayStation Vue isn’t limited to use on PlayStation consoles. In fact, the service is available on the Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku players as well as the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Mobile users can also stream the service on Amazon (AMZN) tablets, Android and Apple’s (AAPL) iOS devices and Google’s Chromecast, not to mention laptop and desktop computers. For its latest update, Sony says Vue will now allow users to sign up and begin watching the service from their mobile devices and PCs instantly. Previously, you could sign up from your mobile devices, but you then had to return to your home network to begin watching on your mobile device.

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You can now watch your home sports teams when you’re on the road with Vue.

As far as regional sports networks, Sony says users will now have access to networks like Fox Sports or NBC Sports even if you’re in another city. That’s a big benefit for sports fans especially with the NB

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