Stay Strong: How to Use Biography To Make Good Password

Stay Strong: How to Use Biography To Make Good Password

Hello, happy owners of passwords like “god”, “sex” or “love”. Here are some useful tips that can help you protect your accounts from hacker attacks.

To understand the problem in all its depth, we have to understand the most popular hacking methods:

1. The method of logical guessing. It works in systems with a big number of users. A hacker tries to guess user’s logic of creating a password.

2. Dictionary search. This kind of attack is used when a database with encrypted passwords is available. The method can be enhanced by also trying obvious substitutions like “zer0” instead of “zero” or typing the words in a different keyboard layout (a popular way of creating passwords for people who use more than one layout).

3. Enumerating the table of hashed passwords. It is the most popular hacking method: hashes are already generated, and the only thing a hacker has to do is to find a match between a hash and a password. The method works quickly and does not leave any chances to the owners of short passwords.

There are only the key methods from a huge number of hacking tricks. Like most of the people, you likely use just a limited number of passwords (some people use the only one, actually) for many years. Usually, we do not think that such security practice is not really safe or believe that the hackers would not really be interested in us.

Did you know that one percent of all passwords in the world can be guessed just from the fourth try? It is quite simple. Hacker just tries the world’s most widespread combinations: password, 123456, 12345678, qwerty. The major problem is that almost every user does not generate a really strong password but just tries to meet the minimum system requirements to the composition of a password. And if hackers know these requirements, he manages to guess the password in a jiffy.

You have so many stuff in your head that can be easily converted into strong passwords. And you can remember them without any cheat sheets in your wallet or iPhone. Here are some examples.


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