Sun or Coal: Fate of Entire World Will Depend on India’s Choice

Sun or Coal: Fate of Entire World Will Depend on India’s Choice

World’s fastest-growing major economy and biggest weapon importer, India is supposed to become the most populous nation by 2022 and to build its biggest military force by 2040. Are you surprised that it is not China? China was on the American agenda in the 1990s and 2000s, but India is on it for the next decades for sure, as a quintessence of magnitude, a focus of fears.

China and India are not only the most populous countries—they also take the first and the third places respectively by the amount of greenhouse gas emissions due to the dominant role of coal in the energy balance. The countries seek to get rid of such doubtful leadership and to solve their problems through developing renewable energy sources.

In October, China announced the revision of their aims to develop solar power: from 17,8 GW to 21,3 GW of installed capacity. Half a year ago they were supposed to draw the line at 100 GW of solar generation by 2020, but today the officials are talking about 150 GW. Moreover, according to the Renewable Energy Industry Association, development goals could be increased by to 200 gigawatts.

But while Beijing and Washington promised substantial limits on greenhouse gas emissions and pledged to cut its output after 2030 on December’s climate change talks, India’s carbon output grows faster than anyone could ever expect. If this trend continues, the country will surpass China in 25 years becoming the world’s greatest emitter.


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