• New iPhone 6S: old looks, new hardware

    New iPhone 6S: old looks, new hardware0

    Yesterday, Apple announced the launch of their new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus this year. The design of new smartphones will remain relatively unchanged. The improvements will mostly concern the hardware. The only visible differences are the addition of a new color (pink gold) and the size of 6S Plus—it is bigger than all previous

  • Apple, please kill the 16GB Iphone

    Apple, please kill the 16GB Iphone1

    Despite the fact that the most smartphone makers offer an entry-level device at 32GB, Apple basic model still has only 16GB capacity. In just a few days, on September 9, Apple is introducing new iPhones 6S and 6S plus. The closer the release is, the more the rumors spread. Among changes we should expect a