• video game buying guide 2016

    video game buying guide 20160

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching, and that means tons of great deals on video games and systems. But which should you buy first? Start with these. NES Classic Edition ($60)It’s been awhile since Nintendo could claim to have the hottest holiday tech toy, but make no mistake: gamers are going nuts for

  • Frightful Five: How Tech Giants Play Survival Games

    Frightful Five: How Tech Giants Play Survival Games0

    When it comes to innovative technology, there is no beating Silicon Valley. There is no doubt that today more than ever, this small place in California is the epicenter of innovation and technological progress and the concentration point of wealth, power, and money. A vast number of services we use in everyday life were created

  • Microsoft’s HoloLens: Fill Your Eyes With Holograms

    Microsoft’s HoloLens: Fill Your Eyes With Holograms0

    HoloLens is probably the most exciting hardware of Microsoft in years. The developers fully understand that a device that deals with virtual reality can not be fully explained through words and images. That is why Microsoft opens a permanent exhibition where people can try the new technology themselves. Earlier, Hololens developer, Microsoft, gave other developers