• Nasa is about to expand its giant inflatable space pod

    Nasa is about to expand its giant inflatable space pod0

    Nasa’s Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (Beam) is set to be expanded this week – and it’s going to live-stream the mission. Alongside the broadcast Nasa will also host a live Q&A on its Facebook page and an AMA on Reddit. Beam was sent to the International Space Station in April as part of SpaceX’s flight

  • Hyperloop Dreams Are Getting Real

    Hyperloop Dreams Are Getting Real0

    The Hyperloop — the high-speed transportation concept Elon Musk has promoted heavily — is edging closer to becoming a reality. Russia plans to develop a Hyperloop network for freight transportation, the country’s transport minister announced Friday. MIT last week unveiled its Hyperloop Pod, a prototype of its award-winning design concept intended for human travelers. Hyperloop

  • 2015 Leads The List of Hottest Years

    2015 Leads The List of Hottest Years0

    Not so long ago, the climate data for 2015 was published, and people could see the results, which, unfortunately, left much to be desired. Last year’s average temperature exceeded the 2014 mark by enormous 0.13 degrees Celsius (0.23 ºF). To have an idea of by how much the new record surpasses the old ones, you

  • 4 Greatest Physics Experiments from Mythbusters

    4 Greatest Physics Experiments from Mythbusters0

    Yes, the era of the crazy and fearless Mythbusters is coming to an end. Yes, it was probably the coolest science show ever. Three months ago, the Discovery Channel announced their decision to cancel the longest-running series that had had 14 seasons, 267 episodes, and 2950 scientific experiments in nearly twelve long years. The final

  • NASA Creates Tron Style Space Suit

    NASA Creates Tron Style Space Suit1

    Inspired by the futuristic movie Tron: Legacy, the American space research organization NASA developed the next generation Tron-like spacesuit, called the Z-2. Last year, NASA held a public vote on its next three generations of prototypes in its Z-2 spacesuit design challenge, and finally announced their winner. With more than sixty percent of more than

  • Google to Work with D­-Wave

    Google to Work with D­-Wave0

    Google announced a new alliance with the D-Wave Systems company. A 7-year deal was signed not only by the famous web-search company but by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) and NASA. The companies are going to supply quantum computers provided by D-Wave in order to explore the possibilities of using them as a new