• Pogue\’s Basics: Navigate the Start menu tiles using keyboard

    Pogue\’s Basics: Navigate the Start menu tiles using keyboard0

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  • Summer Travel Tech Hacks

    Summer Travel Tech Hacks0

    How Technology Can Take the Agony Out of Air Travel I’m OK at technology writing. But I’m amazing at air travel. I do it so doggone much that I can’t help but become an expert. Technology has a lot to do with it, though. In this video, I’ve distilled all my tricks for painless, speedy

  • Siri Secrets

    Siri Secrets0

    Republished from August 2014 Sure, Siri on the iPhone makes for a fun way to ask what the weather is like outside, but Apple’s polite personal assistant can also do a heck of a lot more for you. Here are seven great Siri features that you’ve probably never used. 1. Opening apps. If you don’t

  • Tricks you may not know about your smartphone

    Tricks you may not know about your smartphone0

    You’re smartphone is a camera, music player, voice recorder, calendar, alarm clock, stop watch, stock tracker, weather forecaster, flashlight, musical instrument, remote control, e-book reader and more! Some people say it even makes phone calls. But if you don’t know how to use it, then it’s just a small brick.  Yahoo Tech’s David Pogue explains

  • The very best camera tricks

    The very best camera tricks0

    Pogue’s Basics: little tips to help you survive in a technological world. Nobody tells us these things when we first start using a new phone, tablet, gadget, email system, or social network. Or if they do, we forget. So here’s your refresher course. In low light, you run the risk of taking blurry photos. That’s

  • Show off your physics skills with this ketchup extraction method

    Show off your physics skills with this ketchup extraction method0

    Not all ketchup comes from Heinz, and not all ketchup comes in tall glass bottles. So how are you supposed to get the ketchup out of other containers — especially when there’s only a bit left at the bottom? Centrifugal ketchup Use centrifugal force. Hold the bottle at the bottom. Make sure the lid is