• Don’t Feel Limited: New High Quality Affordable Chinese Phones

    Don’t Feel Limited: New High Quality Affordable Chinese Phones0

    Today, Chinese phone brands release relatively cheap phones with good design and performance. The recent CES showed that we are not destined to choose between Apple iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The beginning of January was marked by the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. Three prominent Chinese mobile companies, Alcatel One Touch, ZTE

  • Samsung Aims to Get in Your Fridge

    Samsung Aims to Get in Your Fridge0

    There is no longer a need to write a list of products when you go to the food supermarket. Thanks to the new Samsung invention, you can just look at the photos on your mobile phone that your fridge sent you demonstrating all the food you have at home. Does it sound unbelievable? Today, it

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Generates Buzz

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Generates Buzz0

    We are all familiar with the history of the mobile phones generation. It is quite interesting to follow the smartphone evolution. When smartphones came into our lives instead of the usual mobile phones, Nokia lost its leading position. Now there are lots of companies that can offer you different smartphones, but the most popular and