• Will Robots Steal Your Job?

    Will Robots Steal Your Job?0

    Do you think that a robot cannot do your job as well as you? Do not be so confident in this matter. From big corporations to start-up initiatives to university libraries, more and more workers are caught in a competition they cannot win against smart machines and digital technologies that are acquiring “ordinary” skills and

  • Photo and Video Recognition in Medicine

    Photo and Video Recognition in Medicine0

    Some experts think that Google is getting really, really close to creating the first artificial intelligence. That certainly looks like an exaggeration, but the future of IT certainly is in the deep learning technology—a way of teaching machines how to learn and get information.  Sounds quite scary, is not it? But the technology is still

  • Nuclear Mafia: How The U.S. Counters Nuclear Smuggling Treat

    Nuclear Mafia: How The U.S. Counters Nuclear Smuggling Treat0

    Associated Press published an astonishing investigation into nuclear weapon traffickers selling nuclear materials—cesium, uranium and plutonium—to terrorists from the Middle East through Moldova and other post-soviet countries. The author writes about a complex network of smugglers explicitly targeting buyers who position themselves as enemies of the West. Crime gangs, as AP found, try to link