The 4 Amazing Things Our Smartphones May Be Able to Do in Future

The 4 Amazing Things Our Smartphones May Be Able to Do in Future

The process of phone evolution looks incredible. Think about it—just a hundred years ago, all you could do with your phone was connect with an operator and ask them to connect you with the person or organization you were calling in the first place. And even this was possible only if you were lucky and rich enough to even have a phone in your house. In the middle of the 20th century, phones became more common, and you could finally call anyone you wanted without speaking to the operator. But the idea of a mobile phone or a video call still sounded unreal and appeared only in the sci-fi books.

In the 2000s, the biggest dreams of sci-fi writers finally started to become real. The progress of phone technology was unbelievable—just in a few years, we went from huge cell phones to tiniest mobile phones and the very first smartphones. Today, you can use your cell phone instead of a number of specific gadgets like laptop, camera, notebook, and, of course, a phone itself. But did you ever think about what you would possibly be able to do with your smartphone in five or ten years? What features will it get and what tasks will it help you accomplish? TechDailyTimes will tell you about four amazing features your smartphone may get soon.


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