The five significant changes in the iOS 9 update you should note

The five significant changes in the iOS 9 update you should note

For the past eight years, since the launch of the first iPhone, Apple has been releasing iOS updates every year. And it does not seem like the corporation is going to slow down.

The latest Apple operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch brings many improvements. Anyone who has an iPhone 4S or newer is able to update to iOS 9 for free. Here are some differences of this version worthy of your attention.

Three huge upgrades for messaging apps

Two of the three most significant upgrades were not announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. But we will talk about all of them.

Notification Center is now ordered chronologically instead of bundled by the app as it was in the previous version of iOS. This makes it easier to change the order and choose to group notifications by apps. Quick replies allow to respond directly from within notification, and it is no longer limited to iMessage app, but is supported for all apps. Messages get a search features that can help you to find your conversations from any third-party service.

The new default font

Apple has changed the system font to a new one designed by the company for the Apple Watch: it is now San Francisco, not a Helvetica. This is not a dramatic change, but definitely a daring innovation. The text became more readable, and even symbols got a personality.

A new search dashboard

Now a new universal search can scan your Apple gadget, so now you are able to search everything you want: you can find a conversation from your Gmail, a sports scores from the Internet, or a photo of your fluffy doggie. The iOS 9 also became more proactive with its recommendations, so you can see links to things that Apple thinks are interesting for you.

There is no more Newsstand

Apple removed its Newsstand feature in iOS 9 now. Instead, all news and magazine apps you like to read—New Yorker, NY Times or WSJ—are normal apps again. At the same time, Apple announced the launch of its own News app, which lets you subscribe to and read free content, including Quarts.

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